Apply for Housing in Texas

The process to become a Section 8 landlord is actually quite simple. There isn’t a Section 8 landord application as such. The potential Section 8 landlord will contact their housing authority when their property is ready to be inspected. If it passes inspection, the landlord will complete the Housing Assistance Payment Contract with the Housing Authority. After this, they will seek out tenants that have completed a Section 8 housing application. This is typically referred to as low income housing or a low income housing application situation. Like the tenant, the landlord will have to complete these necessary forms in the area that they wish to rent. For example, if their property is in Houston, Texas then they must contact and follow the instructions of the housing authority of Houston, Texas.

  • Write a REPLY below and get on the HOUSING LIST. Comment on your current housing situation and what type of housing you are looking for, Section 8 or otherwise. This will allow landlords to contact you directly if they can accommodate you.

161 thoughts on “Apply for Housing in Texas

  1. Felicia Vanzant

    I am a single mom of 2 kids. And we are currently staying in my parents spare bedroom. We are all 3 in one room. It’s a bit cramped. I am in the middle of a divorce. There is no central heat in the house and it is taking its toll on all 3 of us!

  2. Susan Krueger

    I am a single mom of 2 children and we are currently staying with a friend. We all have to share one bedroom and have no privacy. Now that it is winter my friend does not turn the heat on in the house and my kids and I freeze. As a result my daughter and I are both sick. During the summer we were not allowed to put an a/c unit in the window of our room so that we could stay comfortable. She has a 16 year old daughter who likes to run around practical half naked and I have an 11 year old son. I am looking for a 3 bedroom house for us.

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