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The HUD application and Section 8 rental assistance

A HUD application is otherwise known as a Public Housing or Section 8 Housing rental assistance application. HUD is the government entity that actually subsidizes these programs that Housing Authorities administer locally. The HUD application as it is called, would actually be for a rental assistance program that is ultimately funded by HUD like Public Housing or Section 8. It is always free to apply for any government sanctioned rentals assistance program.

Is HUD housing the same thing as affordable housing?

HUD housing is just a term used by the public to encompass all types of Federal housing programs. Members of the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet can find updated links to various grant and rental assistance programs from now on. The Online Packet was invented by Hiram Lewis and, to help tenants and landlords find each other in it's Houisng List Blog. They can also use their Online Packet to learn about government rental assistance programs funded by HUD for a housing application online and how, where and when to apply.

Section 8 housing voucher holders can user their Online Packet to retrieve listings of available Section 8 housing in their area, and find open waiting lists for a plethora of programs geared toward a low income family or individual. Landlords can discover the benefits of participating in government subsidized housing programs, and they can also list their properties for free on this site (low income or otherwise).

The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) provides formula grants to states and localities that communities use - often in partnership with local nonprofit groups - to fund a wide range of activities including building, buying, and/or rehabilitating affordable housing for rent or home ownership or providing direct rental assistance to low-income people. It is the largest Federal block grant to state and local governments designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households. Click here to learn how to apply for section 8 online.

What is HUD and what does it do?

The purpose of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is to provide housing and community development assistance and to make sure everyone has access to “fair and equal” housing. To achieve these goals, it runs or participates in many programs intended to support homeownership, increase safe and affordable rental housing, reduce homelessness and fight housing discrimination.

HUD was established in 1965. It is a cabinet-level government agency, meaning that the agency’s head, called the secretary, is appointed by the president and approved by a simple majority vote in the Senate, then holds that position until a new president takes office. In the event of a major catastrophe, the HUD secretary is 11th in line to succeed the president, after higher-level cabinet executives such as the secretary of state and secretary of the treasury. The POTUS is the HUD secretary’s boss.

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